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New Service License Applications Only

When applying for a new food service license:

  • Complete the Food Establishment Application
  • Remit your fees
  • Sign the Applicaton and mail/walk-in to
    Community Services
    8500 Antioch Rd.
    Overland Park, KS 66212

Online Renewal Food Service License Applications

When renewing your food service license:

  • Enter the establishments Case Number (RST2010-000001)
  • Street Number (8500 for 8500 Antioch)

as listed on the renewal letter that you received from the city. If you do not have a renewal letter, please contact our office for assistance at 913-895-6270.

Any payment received after the expiration date of the current food service license will require an administrative late fee of $25.00 for additional administrative cost.

Renewal restaurant licenses will not be issued unless the completed on-line contact information is filled in.

Refund Policy

Community Planning and Services fees are not refundable. Overpayment of fees: No refunds will be processed unless the amount received is more than $10 over the amount.